Vintage Spearguns
In the course of my research, I have encountered many excellent vintage spearguns. I, personally, do not collect them, but still enjoy seeing them and learning something about them. I am always amazed at how much creative development has gone into spearguns design. It seems that every diver has made his own equipment at one time or another. By no means is this page, or links an exaustive source of information. It only contains a limited number of examples. They are in no particular order. The thumbnail image may open up into a whole page. This list of vintage spearguns may grow as examples are photographed and documented. Please note that each image links to an expanded web page. This index page is contunually under development.
Hurricane vintage speargun
From the Ron Mullins collection.

Tairyo Rollergun              Tairo speargun Mullins collection             Tairyo dart       
Tairyo Rollergun                                  Tairyo with Reel                          Tairyo with dart
From the Jack Prodanovich collection                 From the Ron Mullins collection

Hi-Sea speargun
Hi-Sea speargun
From the Jack Prodanovich collection

Early bluewater speargun
Long Bluewater special
From Prodanovich collection
This specimen reputedly made by Charlie Sturgill

Pushrod speargun by Boyde Hall mfg.
Pushrod speargun manufactured by Boyde Hall
This speargun was owned by Marty Pasos and given to
Jack Prodanovich.

Hawaiian Hinge gun
Hawaiian Hinge Gun
From the collection of John Warren, note: I don't collect

Safari speargun by Scubapro
The Safari speargun by Scubapro
This gun was previously owned by Jim Christiansen

Dimitri Rebikoff vintage speargun
The Dimitri Rebikoff vintage speargun
Designed and manufactured by the pioneer of underwater strobe photography,
this vintage gun shows many unique and inventive features. It is now in a private

Old Florida speargun thumbnail
Old Florida vintage speargun
Open water spearguns of considerable age  can be seen in detail view
These guns represent some of the earliest sophisticated blue water hunting implements
seen. Judging from the craftsmanship, these guns have a significant place in the
historical record. More information is requested.

Le Fusil sous-Marin Americain

Le Fusil Sous-Marin Americain
This is a highly advanced rollergun of French origins. It was photographed in the Jack
Prodanovich collection. It was given to him as a gift from Aquacraft Company.
This rollergun is illustrated in Vane Ivanovic's, Modern Spearfishing, 1954.

Early design developments in the San Diego Bottom Scratchers Dive Club made
by individuals, Jack Prodanovich and Wally Potts led to subsequent bluewater
speargun design. Images were taken at the 70th anniversary gathering of Bottom Scratchers
Dive Club and friends last year. The above gun is dated 1938.

Thumbnail of a Howard Benedict speargun.
Addict-style spearguns of Howard Benedict. Howard is a San Diego Diver who has artistically built
some incredible pushrod, bluewater spearguns. These guns show excellence in woodworking and
stainless steel fabrication.They all have taken large fish. These are the personal guns of a master freediver.